Superb Carbide Band Saw

Superb Carbide Band Saw is your best solution to cut metals fast. Based on the size of the cutting material can be selected from the database to automatically adjust the falling speed and rearrange to extend the life of the bandsaw blades. Which became a key factor for high volume cutting requirements that saves time and increases productivity. It also friendly to operated. 

Representative product of Singular! It’s the product made in Taiwan and the only one which could challenge the K brand in Europe and B brand in America, and catch up on the mechanical technology of Japanese A brand. In Taiwan only Singular’s Superb Carbide Band Saw takes CNC machine tool’s high standard requirement as the basic standard. It is highly connected to the market need of artificial intelligence. The Chinese branch of renowned European molding corporation and the agent of largest European molding corporation in Taiwan purchase several Singular Saws continually. After exact cutting and producing, the expected value of cutting efficiency, blade lifespan, surrounding information and material management, and other critical performance is largely over two times of the corporations’ original expectation. The value is increased after increase. Owning sufficient stock of spare parts, highly professional& cooperative after–sales service team, and always holding fast to the principle of serving at any time needed, Singular is qualified to create a multi-win situation for all the customers and end users.

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