• Double Column Horizontal Band Saw

Double Column Horizontal Band Saw



型號 APEX420
Cutting Capacity 10~420 mm
W10×H10~W420×H420 mm
Bundle Cutting MAX. W330×H200 mm
MIN. W165×H80 mm
Saw Blade Size 5300×41×1.3 mm
Speed 16~85 m/min
Tension Hydraulic
Motor Output Saw Blade 5.5 KW (7.5 HP)
Hydraulic Pump 2.25 KW (3 HP)
Coolant Pump 0.22 KW(1/4 HP)
Tanks Hydraulic 40L
Coolant 150L
Working Height 780mm
Dimensions W3100×L2200×H2250mm
Net Weight 3600kg
☆For technical demand, product specifications and equipment accessories are subject to change without notice.

Standard Equipment & Accessories

1 PLC control for all electric and hydraulic functions.
2 Infinitely variable blade speed controlled by inverter.
3 Idle wheel motion detector with blade stalling and breakage shutoff.
4 Shuttle type automatic feed. 
5 Hydraulic blade tension.
6 Automatic blade height control and rapid approach. 
7 Carbide blade guide with roller bearing.
8 Length setting: Magnetic scale.
9 20 workstations presetting.
10 Automatic chip conveyor.
11 Power driven blade-cleaning wire brush.
12 Flushinghose for machine cleaning.
13 Work lamp.
14 One set of tools in tool box.
15 One set of 2-meter roller stand.

Optional Equipment

1 Variable vise pressure
2 Blade deviation monitor.
3 Out of stock monitor.
4 Nesting fixture for bundle cutting.