A Specialized Manufacturer of Sawing Machine

Taiwan head office
Taiwan head office
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Corporate Objective
SINGULAR MACHINERY is comprised of top professionals uniting their talents ranging from administration and sales to design and manufacturing of all kinds of industrial sawing machines and metal cutting bandsaw. Heavy duty worm gear provides high torque at low band speeds without strobing, metal cutting band saw is perfect for the difficult of cutting hard metals. At the same time, we also offer high band speeds for the easy cutting metals.We are completely equipped to provide worldwide clients with Hydraulic Sawing Machines renowned for quality, rigidity and efficiency.
High Quality
High Rigidty
High Efficicency
Corporate Objective
Quality is first Priority /
Continuous Improvement /
Research and Innovation /
Environmentally Responsible /
Accordance with Demand /
Total Quality System /
Pursuit of Excellence /
Sustained Management
Band Saw machine with ISO Certificate.
COLUMN TYPE BAND SAW with CE certificate.
CIRCULAR SAW with CE certificate.
Band Saw machine with ISO Certificate.
Management Ideals

In order to maintain our Declaration of Quality, our company implements the following Management Ideals

01 . Product Design

We employ top notch design personnel to continuously pursue product innovation and excellence. Special considerations are given for the diverse demands from each client for factors such as cutting materials, cutting capacities and cutting environments. We specialize in the design of a wide range of sawing machines which meet strict parameters of ergonomics, environmentalism, high efficiency, safety and low maintenance. Machine operators enjoy simplicity, convenience and safety t hroughout the working experience.

02 . Materials and Accessories

All machines adopt only the best materials to ensure rigidity and durability. Electronic circuitry and hydraulic systems employ only standard specification parts made by top international manufacturers. The excellent stability and quality of these components make these machines practically problem-free, drastically reducing losses and down time due to brake downs.

03 . Production Control

We ensure that each machine produced meets stringent standards of quality. Our technicians are thoroughly trained and well versedin all processes of assembly, quantification and computer science applications, so that in any stage of production quality is guaranteed. Our commitment to reliability for best quality and on-time delivery is rooted firmly in the training of each of our employees.

04 . Product Prices

We do our best to always see things from the customer's perspective. Understanding that clients operate under tight budgets is a prerequisite for our business tactics. In order to offer the highest value possible, we constantly find ways to lower costs while streamlining our production line, scrap materials, parts procurement and overall efficiency. It is our mission to offer the most rational prices, and our consistent market surveys help make this possible.

05 . Customer Service

n addition to our top professionals in sales, production and maintenance, we have a comprehensive worldwide network of agencies and service centers. We promise and deliver prompt after sales service and customer support, so that our clients have zero doubt about their investment and will be at ease knowing they've made the right choice.